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66 Artifacts

The SLATE BOOK has 66 artifacts / chapters, that include esoteric passages, complementing philosophical briefs and images associated with the SHADOW DECK.


Used as a companion to the SHADOW DECK for further personal awareness, consideration and exploration.


Personal Investigation

We develop the self / our voice through interpersonal articulation and intuitive interpretation that comes from the heart of our most authentic expression. This spirit of expression, with meditation and the pulse of such elevated engagement serves as best counsel while we walk through each passage of life unveiling our true directive and meaning. The journey into the inevitable moments and stages of development will take place regardless of the state of our wellbeing, thus we must establish who we are to be able to lovingly accept the world we are gifted.  With the right questions, we can find our true answers.


| Purpose

The SLATE BOOK can be used as a tool for intuitive evaluation through ritual, symbols and philosophy. It helps to explore the subconscious and unconscious mind while we investigate the world inside and around us.  As a stand alone work book, the value extracted from the writing prompts, topics and artifacts is paramount.  If we add SLATE DECK to our daily ritual while slowly integrating new perspectives that our personal investigation reveals then, an awareness of flow state, connection and trust with-in the self emerges.  The better we know ourselves the closer we are to the source that provides us answers that support and fulfill our purpose.  Every intention we set, every passage we read and dissect gives us an opportunity to refine our perspectives for the better.

| Reasoning

As we explore the conditions that will foster or diminish our own happiness, we realize it resides in US and not in the systems, expectations or guidelines of the world, family and society that we were influenced by. 

| Outcome 

Once we realize all of our beliefs were constructed before us without our control and that we can instantly change our truths, we should feel as if we have won the lottery.  Now spend every moment and hour that's to come ahead, with your newly growing abundance of awareness, cultivating the life you know to be rich and the one you deserve.

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