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A duality or the pluralism between the creator and the creation leads the depths of personal philosophy into the tangible and intangible effects cradling a perception that is divine through process yet human in function. This formation of symbology and reorientation of appropriated cultural phenomena paralleled with the systems of human sensorial reception is sculpted into a formation. One that encapsulates the art with the artist and posits the spirit of the viewer in a space that will forever be contending with creation.

However, we are shaped we tend to start, before the confrontation of intrigue for the self, in a state of benign generality. This tends to be an issue especially if you build upon it when you only contribute to the arbitrary foundation of origin. This is experienced without the fundamental forging of knowledge of the subject in exercise, in this case, the viewer. You have to know when you are truly accurate or not, or when you truly succeed and when you don’t. Progression then is accurate to our original inception and increasingly more sophisticated in the furthering of development till reflection becomes consciously subconscious.  

As we individually explore access points of reflection and ones that extend past an ecosphere shaped for fundamental formation within the exercising of cartomancy and divination, we now extend its intervention within the public by the modest form of wheat posting. By engaging the public domain, with a contemporary yet seemingly primitive application of influence, we open an avenue for unconventional proposals of self-reflection, while subliminal impressions represent equally as much intent. Paying an obvious and direct homage to the collection of archetypes (being stored within the psyche) that we create and or share regardless of our original meaning or basis.

Christopher Scott Lee

(Founder | Conceptual Artist)

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Individuation | Self Story | Personal Discovery

"When diving deep into the unconscious, and excavating the inner truths we find that the value of our own personal relationship might be disowned.  Who better to discover this than the one astray."
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Depth | Inquiry | Personal Expansion 
The SLATE BOOK has 66 artifacts / chapters, that include an esoteric passage, a complementing philosophical brief and an image associated with the SLATE DECK.  Used as a companion to the SLATE DECK for further personal awarness, consideration and exploration.
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Interact | Showcase | Connection

By amplifying imagery and context of each artifact by the intervention of public spaces we reassign the impression from internal to external.  Access to files and instructions included.
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Nasser Mohamed, MD

"Christopher brings a collection of provocative thoughts and relatable concepts. They provide an opportunity for self reflection and encourage shifting the locus of control internally to have a solution-oriented approach to different emotions and thought processes."

Marcus Ewert, Intuitive Consultant & Award-Winning Author

“With painstaking care, Christopher Lee has accomplished the unheard of: creating a full suite of new archetypes for our modern time. SLATE’s powerful words and images function like EKG paddles, applied to the disused portions of our souls!”

Tandra Tea, Artist & Lightworker 

"The Slate deck feels like a manifestation that was destiny. I’ve longingly wanted and searched for a deck combining Tarot and Oracle interpretation. The striking contrasts of black and white graphics are intuitive and indicating of light and shadow representation. This deck is a spiritual gateway between the reader and receiver of knowledge. Meant as a instinctual tool of reflection while cultivating healing and cognizance. For those seeking insight and/or helping others to find perception this deck will guide you through the path of personal development."

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