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Before you are my meditations / investigations of a body of work that’s dedicated to the the story of searching for faith, the loss of the self, the creation of purpose through creation itself, and finding purpose in application.  Rendering the impetus for resolution drives my efforts as an artist.


I conceptually and actively try to encapsulate the authentic self through a protocol designed into a system of 66 artifacts/cards sequentially ordered, offering a breadth of purposefully complex introspective concepts.


A prismatic stance is only the beginning.  A desire to address the moments in between these dimensions is offered through visual and textual placeholders for interpretation.

Most of us are searching while we create.  What exactly we are searching for is of a unique individuals drive. This mode of this revival of what was never there is intrinsic.  The retrieval is of the self.


- Christopher Scott Lee

The Process

| SLATE by Christopher Lee

Slate is an investigative and informative visual and written composition created to exfoliate the present and past self with signifiers, symbols, tropes, and archetypes for a contemporary representation of the authentic self.

| Encasing a Place of Origin

This body of work proposed by images sourced, appropriated, and momentarily removed from the artist's hand creates a minutia of collective energies directed into one means of modality.

| Meaning Making

While each artifact (1-66) visually stands alone, they are accompanied by written passages that unearth the individual to inspire meaning from the meaning-making counterparts offered before the viewer.

| Continual Critique

Critique of the viewer's concept is initiated through their projected philosophies and thoughts associated with each artifact while continually evolving through visual investigations of the artist.

| Rendering Philosophy

To render a philosophy is to be challenged, confronted, gifted or surprised by another one.  The process of doing so complements the process of the continual visual investigations of the artist and their present state of awareness.

| Past & New Confrontations

Confrontation of personal philosophy might occur at any time.  The vehicle of such often solidifies the causal counterpart to the self.  I have found each of these 66 artifacts as the means of true contest and offer them to the viewer.

| Creating Systems

The systems we develop consciously or not run our actions and thoughts.  Creating new ones through intuitive, artistic, and spiritual development led me to a curated collection that is not fixed but open to interpretation.

| Conceptual Development

With refining this project, what has been most paramount is the action of concept and the freedom that it needs.  Freedom from the mind but driven by the mind using rules that govern and rules that break.

| Stimulation & Engagement

This leads to causal engagement with the exterior world informing the interior world.  The stimulation from this process of engagement has informed me more of creative truth than the act of ingesting information.

| Intuitive Evolution

An intuitive evolution beings as we harness both sides of query and answer.  The subjective propositions created are not meant to enforce but to create space for the interpretation of the viewer.

| Means of Abundance

This space is considered not as a commodity but as energy offering an abundance of awareness to the viewer.  Each Investigation of artifacts (1-66) expresses such.

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