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Everyone should be endowed with the natural rights to have security, knowledge, fortitude and personal reverence. To have an empty stage, to prepare and engage a clean/blank slate we can cultivate and fortify a panacea, drafting the architecture to achieve the elements of individual resolution. It might been inappropriately cited, but John Locke (English philosopher) was once referenced stating that we are born with a “blank slate”. A theory championing the idea that we can become anyone form the day we are born through nurturing and the allowances we are given through out life. While not downplaying the obvious roles of genetics and biology (that somehow were negated in the conjecturing of this proposal)  we want to encourage and empower the ability to start NOW inviting the ability of change with self choice and freedom in the form of a new beginning.


This leads to the TABULA RASA as the supporting companion to SLATE DECK. We composed a framework of symptoms and expectations that come with and can be expected when in times of momentous transformation. This can look like and be experienced as the many emotions drafted through out the TABULA RASA. To address Interpersonal development, strategies are carefully outlined to provide a connected reference to the intuitive platform that SLATE DECK represents. Designed to harness the inner agency of one module, and expand on the stages that one might encounter through the broadening of their scope of life experience we have provided deep analysis of each symptom that layout in confidence what one might walk through. As the partner to SLATE DECK you have a comprehensive overview and self discovery tool ready to safely ground you in stages of evolution.

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-Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living.  While Slate Forum believes that ALL life is worth living, there is something to be said for self-examination.  One does not have to be in a state of crisis to benefit from a retrospective look at one’s life.  Many times, we do what we do, simply because it is what we learned and we do it without ever thinking about whether or not it is working for us in our lives.  Often, the process of therapy reveals habits, pathogenic beliefs, or traumatic events that we did not even realize are affecting our present existence.


-Therapy, in our opinion, is beneficial to everyone and does not have to be delivered in a formal and expensive manner.  It can be the simple process of understanding how we develop, psychosocially, the way we do.  Tabula Rasa is here to help with the self examination.  It is a very general and simplistic explanation of how we develop attachment, personality, self esteem and identity. 


-It is a way to understand the mechanisms by which we came to be who we are, and to ask ourselves the questions regarding whether or not we are living a happy, fulfilled, joyful life.  By understanding how we came to be, and by looking back and resolving some of the conscious and unconscious conflicts in our development, we can clear the path ahead for a more peaceful, serene and fulfilling journey. 


-The purpose of the Tabula Rasa, is to clear our slates of negative energy and to examine the narrative we have written so far.  By looking closely at the path we have been on, by perhaps choosing to see it from another perspective, we can rewrite our slates and improve the path we will continue to travel.  From Slate Development, up and over the bridge to Tabula Rasa, we continue the journey of recovery, rejuvenation and retelling our past, present and future stories.

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