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Mindset | Intuitive Evolution | Authenticity

We believe the keys to the lock are located in...


A unique coaching strategy that focuses on the individual composition of the self, the deconstruction/understanding of the language we use and its root origin with a heavy emphasis on integral authenticity.


Working in a holistic manner, we embrace spiritual, creative direction, manifestation practices, and self awareness through divination to promote intuitive evolution.


Our healing is (open/available) as well as (limited/unavailable) due to our rigidity of perspective, our ability to truly receive information and the language that we associate, with the meanings and emotions we experience.


Together we will invigorate and design a new personal language energized by 3 sources of energy.

Moral Power

Instinctive Power

Physical Energy

These are the energies we will be responsible for exploring and strengthening, while experiencing transforming results from the eternal motion of the universe, and the essential laws of vitality.


Laws of Vitality : To pour in more than you pour out 

Our mission and philosophy is in rebuilding a belief system that is most deserving to be rooted in the self.  To create and abide by a language specific to our own and distinct values.  To construct a personally unique methodology for harnessing positive integration of what we experience daily to provide the best opportunity to harvest what we truly want.  


- To welcome and receive our (Truest Self Alignment).

- All of which can be accessed with use of the Slate Shadow Deck.

If you're excited by our approach and want to expand and explore deeper please don't hesitate to connect with us to access our 1 to 1 coaching platform.

The 4 Keys to the Lock

Shadow Work: Unpacking and unearthing our past, helping us find the parts of the self that need attention, connection and healing.

Language & Systems: A driving focus to deliver a new personal language, a revision of symbols, their impact on our interpretations & emotions.

Individual Value: Working with mindset, perspective shifting and belief systems to elevate the spirit and personal self worth.

Accountability & Integrity: Two main factors that when matched equally, present each and every interaction we have with truth & opportunity.

Now - Create Everything In Life

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Nasser Mohamed, MD

"Christopher brings a collection of provocative thoughts and relatable concepts. They provide an opportunity for self reflection and encourage shifting the locus of control internally to have a solution-oriented approach to different emotions and thought processes."

Marcus Ewert, Intuitive Consultant & Award-Winning Author

“With painstaking care, Christopher Lee has accomplished the unheard of: creating a full suite of new archetypes for our modern time. SLATE’s powerful words and images function like EKG paddles, applied to the disused portions of our souls!”

Tandra Tea, Artist & Lightworker 

"The Slate deck feels like a manifestation that was destiny. I’ve longingly wanted and searched for a deck combining Tarot and Oracle interpretation. The striking contrasts of black and white graphics are intuitive and indicating of light and shadow representation. This deck is a spiritual gateway between the reader and receiver of knowledge. Meant as a instinctual tool of reflection while cultivating healing and cognizance. For those seeking insight and/or helping others to find perception this deck will guide you through the path of personal development."

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