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"If just one of these thoughts is provocative enough
to cause change wether it be internal or external
then the job is done."


Interact | Showcase | Connection

Slate turns its attention to public Intervention by the means of the physical installation of sculpted symbolism unveiling a sense of freedom and new energy unbound by the ways systemic expectation.  Wheat posting in effect provides a passing impression and moment for temporary acknowledgment in the most modest, accessible and possibly subliminal applications.


Between black and white we find the expansive truth of grey thus we want to hold close to the mission that notes…


“With every space, regardless of size there is opportunity, there is hope, there is breath.”


Slate welcomes and encourage all that want to contribute to the growth of this project by granting access to all files including print format (PDFs) at appropriate file size for large scale (blue print) processing and associated links to instructions below.  Please share all media, video, photography and documentation on social channels by tagging @slateforum.

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